Welcome to the Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Programs

Contact Information:



Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Specialization
263 McCaul St, P.O. Box 3C, 4th Floor, Rm 413
Toronto, ON M5T 1W7
(416) 978-0746
Email: cv.program@utoronto.ca

Administrative Structure

Director: Professor Anthony Gramolini

Associate Director: TBA

Business Officer: Victoria Simpson

Executive Committee:
Dr. A. Gramolini (Chair), Membership & Curriculum Subcommittee
TBA, Fundraising Subcommittee
TBA, Scholarships and Awards Subcommittee
TBA, Student Advisory Subcommittee

Specialization Committee:
Dr. A. Gramolini (Chair)
Dr. S. Marzolini (REH)
Professor S. Wu (PHM)
Dr. P. Dorian (PCL)
Dr. W. Chan (BME)
Dr. M. Rand (LMP)
Dr. R-K. Li (IMS)
Dr. M. Locke (KIN)
Dr. S. Heximer (PSL)
Dr. G. Wright (MBP)
Dr. M. Radisic (CHE)
Student Association Reps